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  1. Mr. Phani Kishore Talluri (95EE823) is presently with Microsoft Corporation, Secunderabad, has filed for three patents. .    
    c.  Methods and apparatus for pass-through data block movement with virtual storage appliances
  2. Mr Kalyana Chakravarthy Veluvolu ( 98EE814) has completed  Ph.D. degree in Eelectrical Engineering from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, in 2006. Presently he is  working as Assistant Professor with the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Kyungpook National University, Daegu, Korea.
  3. Mr Balaji (98EE804) has started own firm with partnership  Venus software solutions (http://www.venussoftsol.com).
  4. Mr B. Ravi Kumar ( 98EE861) has Completed PhD at IISc Bangalore and presently he is working at Crompton Greves, Mumbai.
  5. Mr Rakesh Babu Panguluri (Y0EE829) has submitted his PhD Thesis at IIT- Kharagpur and is presently working with Solar Semiconductor Inc. Hyderabad as Sr. Design Engineer in Power Management Group. He also applied for an Indian Patent entitled “A Control Scheme to Minimize the Dynamic Power Loss in an Unbalanced Voltage Regulator Module and its Method of Operation“ with filing number 1003/KOL/2009

Name Year Branch Regd.No. Place of work Addl.Qualification LL Phone Cell Email
Venkata Rao,M 1998 EEE 94EE865 Philips Electronics India Ltd. M.Tech.   998147420 venkatrao_m [at] yahoo.com
Phani Pavan Kumar,L 1998 EEE 94EE863 WIPRO Technologies M.Tech.   9900105415 phanipavan [at] gmail.com
Kishore,N 1998 EEE 94EE818 WIPRO Technologies M.Tech.   9880094244 kishore.nek [at] gmail.com
Prema Kumar,N 1998 EEE 94EE832 RVR & JC College of Engg. M.Tech. 0863-2223305 9490193294 premnavuri [at] gmail.com
Chakravarthy,M 1999 EEE 95EE808 Gokaraju Rangaraju Inst.Engg.& Tech M.Tech. 040-23034249 9849979136 muktevichakri [at] yahoo.com
Gouthami Chatopadhyaya,P 1999 EEE 95EE811 ABC Consultants,Hyd PGDBM   9849857702 pgouthamic [at] rediffmail.com
Niranjan Reddy,B 1999 EEE 95EE822 Computer Services Corporation M.Tech. 040-23893846 94409233838 nirusouji [at] yahoo.com
Phani Kishore,T 1999 EEE 95EE823 Microsoft India Pvt.Ltd.,Hyd M.Tech. 040-27961820 9849071256 phanikt [at] miscrosoft.com
Prasannakumar,K 1999 EEE 95EE824 APGENCO Ltd.,Hyd.   040-39839218 9848289173 directorprasanna [at] yahoo.com
Sivaprasad,G 1999 EEE 95EE837   M.Tech. 040-24041924 9849810402 g_sivaprasad [at] yahoo.com
Srinivasa,K 1999 EEE 95EE841 GE Energy,Hyd M.S.   9885899784 srinivasa.kothamasu [at] gmail.com
Srinath 1999 EEE 95EE844 GE Energy,Hyd M.Tech.   9849644930 tsrinathrao [at] yahoo.com
Swarnasri,K 1999 EEE 95EE850 RVR & JC College of Engg. M.Tech. 0863-2236141 9848030499 swarnasri_k [at] hotmail.com
Narasimharao,K 2000 EEE 96EE822 Web Technologies,B'lore     9448292219 narasimha_knr [at] yahoo.com
Sridhar,K 2000 EEE 96EE842 IBM India Software Labs M.Tech. 080-41525705 9980042434 sridharkuna [at] gmail.com
Sivaiah,N 2000 EEE 96EE836 Microsoft India Pvt.Ltd.,Hyd M.Tech.   9885150644 sendtosiva [at] gmail.com
Kalyan Chakravarthy,M 2001 EEE 97EE808 BARC,Mumbai   022-25591965 9324797554 madala_kc [at] rediffmail.com
Kalyan,P 2001 EEE 97EE819 CA M.S.   866664167 kdvddsp [at] yahoo.com
Harikishan 2005 EEE Y1EE807 Infinite     9849332749 kishan9144 [at] gmail.com
Raghavendra Rao,G 2005 EEE Y1EE836 WIPRO,Hyd M.Tech. 0863-2232315 9948928356 rughu836 [at] yahoo.co.in
Nagadurga Rao,R 2006 EEE Y2EE824       9886466615 durga_rayudu [at] yahoo.com
Suresh,M 2006 EEE Y2EE851 Aricent,Bangalore     9986345527 suresh.makkena [at] gmail.com
Dineshwar,M 2006 EEE Y2EE814 Value Labs     9849950900 dinu30002003 [at] yahoo.com
Madhu Babu,T 2006 EEE Y2EE820       9885049271 madhu_tiriveedhi [at] yahoo.co.in
Surendranath,G.M. 2006 EEE Y2EE849 ADP   040-66028135 9848135862 gm.surendra [at] gmail.com
Ravi Prasad 2006 EEE Y2EE857 Cognizant Technologies Solutions     9985207007 rvr_prasad007 [at] rediffmail.com